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Shumei international partners with projects all over the world to promote sustainable land management.  The concept was developed in Japan  over 100 years ago and has a set of defined principles with a clear ecological focus, with the main objective to protect the soil.

Shumei is a no input system that is not reliant on fertilizers or any other form of soil amendment and employs techniques like seed saving and continuous cropping to form a relationship between plant and soil.

The director was impressed with the Wellbeing at Garon Park project and particularly liked the community focus as community is at the heart of organisations ethos.  We have now welcomed Kay, who is doing an internship for Shumei international and this will help us to develop our community agriculture project.

The initial phase will be to build the infrastructure necessary to support our onsite staff, volunteers and students with healthy nutritious lunches, as well as provide educational resources and much needed access to green space.  In the future we hope to develop the plot enough to generate revenue from the produce and fund the project, to make itself sustaining.



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