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Padel is often referred to as a mix of tennis and squash. It is easy to learn which makes it enjoyable for beginners trying the sport for the first time. Played in doubles it also creates an important social element.

Most points are won through tactics and clever play (not through power) which requires less intense physical effort, however, rallies last longer so you still get a good cardio workout. Above all else padel is good exercise and great fun!

The Court

A padel court is one third of the size of a tennis court; 20m x 10m. The back walls are made of glass (3m high) with a 4m return on each side. The remainder of the court is enclosed with a 4m high metallic mesh.

As in tennis there is a net (88 – 92cm high) which divides the court in to two sides. Each side is split down the middle by a centre line which runs from the net to a line 3m from the back wall which marks the service area.

The playing surface is usually made from a synthetic turf which has an infill of sand making it more durable and allowing the player increased shot control and a greater range of movement. The turf will also slow the ball down after it bounces making it easier to hit.



Feature List
  • Changing Rooms
  • Free Parking
  • Food and Drink Available
  • Four Courts


What if I want to book outside of the open times?

This is available via using the Padel4All website

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